In 1993, an adventure writer named Jon Krakauer, wrote an article for Outside magazine about a young man that was discovered perished in an abandoned 142 Fairbanks City Bus on the Stampede trail in Alaska. The circumstances surrounding this event were so mysterious, it lead to Jon Krakauer spending 3 years thoroughly researching all aspects of the event resulting in his world famous novel 'Into The Wild' in 1996.
This was later depicted in the award winning Sean Penn movie of the same name in 2007.

Since then, there has been a cult following, if you will, on the story and its main character Christopher McCandless. Many have visited the bus, many have started websites and internet groups, many schools have 'Into the Wild' in their cirriculum and people from all over the world and from all walks of life have been touched by the story. This is continually made evident through comments on forums - years after the book and movie were released. For some, there are questions remaining on why this talented and educated young man ventured off alone and more importantly, where are all of his other pictures that he took and journal that he kept.

Chris' parents, Billie and Walt McCandless have kept out of the spotlight and have maintained their privacy through this ordeal, but at the same time have successfully managed the Christopher Johnson McCandless Memorial Foundation that was launched when the first book was released. This foundation assists underpriviliged children all around the world from donations and book earnings.

However, both realise that there is an incomprehensable interest in the story about their son and have decided that the hundreds of pictures and beautiful journal entries Chris made should be shared with the public in a book and DVD called Back To The Wild. All those participating in this new book and DVD project are volunteers. Those that have been inspired by the story, or those offering their talents to help make it a success. This is a great example of the reach that Christopher McCandless has made throughout the world.

Below is a trailer for the DVD narrated by Hal Holbrook (who played Ron Franz in the movie 'Into The Wild'.)